Hi! My name is Cathy Pick and this is all about me!

The clothing trade is in my blood. No surprise, having grown up with both parents in the rag trade. My father worked at Zora Fashions in Melbourne, which is how, at the tender age of 13yrs, I landed my first job in the world of fashion! Cutting collars with this big collar cutting machine during school holidays. I was paid $40 a week and everybody watched out for me and loved me.

Of course, trying on all the samples that my father collected from over seas was my favourite thing to do and at times, I even model them at the factory. The best part was, once they were finished with the samples, I could have my pick of them. Yeah!

My mother had a boutique for 17 years just down the street from my high school. I helped out there in my teens and learnt from her the skills needed to really serve women and there certainly was real service in those days. It’s this kind of great service that I have always brought to my own business’s. Thanks, mum!

In my early twenties I became a Beauty Therapist and worked out of my home in the Coffs Harbour, Dorrigo area. My father had developed his own label by then and I would sometimes host clothing parties selling his clothes. Sometimes traveling for hours to remote parts of NSW. It was always great fun going to remote places and watching these clothing starved women have a ball!

Sometime in the late 90’s I started selling second hand clothes at the Rozelle Market in Sydney. Although I was still doing the Beauty Therapy, it wasn’t long before I was able to give that up and concentrate entirely on the second hand clothing business.

My husband is an American and while we were dating I would sometimes go to visit him in the US Yes, it was one of those fabled internet romances!) and whenever I went I would have to buy another suitcase as I couldn’t help but roam the 2nd hand clothing world while away. It was fabulous!

I still do the same whenever Jack and I go to the US and just recently we went to Bangkok where I found a couple of very cool designers to buy from.

I do love clothing, I love getting dressed each day to see what I will come up with, I love beautiful fabrics and amazingly creative designers from here and OS.

After having a shop in Sydney and doing the Roselle Market for many years, we decided to move to Tasmania. We now live in beautifull Geeveston, a small village about one hour south of Hobart. I no longer have the shop but I am a regular presence at a number of markets in and around Hobart. I still travel back to Sydney and sometimes Melbourn, to visit friends and contacts to buy stock to bring back to the Tasmanian markets.


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